It’s good to stay in touch with young people when looking for new music to hear. My daughter introduced me to Corey Wong and his killer band a few years ago. Each time I’ve been to one of his concert’s the crowd gets bigger and includes a more diverse mix of age groups.


Maybe because Corey is master of rhythm guitar. Maybe because he uses a large band with a full (some might say overstuffed) horn section. Maybe because the arrangements are all kick ass. Maybe because his bass player is Sonny T, who played with Prince. Maybe because the guy is hilarious, quirky and highly entertaining (check out some of his other stuff on YouTube)

You might not even care that there are no vocalists on the track, although he does work some in for live shows.

The video below was recorded at Prince’s legendary Paisley Park studio near Minneapolis. I toured the place a few years ago and got to stand in that same room for a bit, imagining what it must have been like to be there when Prince was recording some of his greatest music. I believe they are in Studio B.

Anyway, fasten your seatbelt and check out Cory Wong and his tune called Assassin.

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