Alternate Title: Things We Do For/To Our Kids

As parents, we’re always looking to help our kids find things they’re interested in and good at. We want to give them the best opportunities we can. But, sometimes things don’t go so smoothly, as in the case of the audition my daughter and I did years ago.

She had shown an interest in singing, doing little shows around the house and always appreciating an audience of any size. So, when the local theater company was looking for kids to be part of their production of Annie, I thought it was a great opportunity to explore.

If that sounds a little too “happy ending” for a blog post, that’s because I left out the whole story. To get the details, please see my post this week at Wise & Shine Magazine.

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Raising kids is a wild ride- you never really know how things are going to turn out- especially when they’re young. But if it wasn’t that way- we’d sure have fewer good stories to tell.

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