We’ve heard a lot of talk lately about how sophisticated AI has become and how it will soon impact our lives in ways we can not yet imagine. But can it help us solve the giant, pressing and complicated problem of climate change?


According to Maureen Data Systems (MDS), AI can play a positive role in fighting climate change, but at this point it’s not a game changer on its own. The MDS article basically sees AI as a tool to influence human behavior, which in turn, could push us into more sustainable habits and climate stabilizing behaviors.

No magic bullet. At least not yet.

MDS is a data- driven organization, so it makes sense that their focus on AI highlights the ways in which AI will collect and analyze data. They see AI doing things like improving energy efficiency, increasing battery charge and energy storage, improving agriculture, and monitoring illegal activities like deforestation.

The original article goes into much more detail and only takes about 5 minutes to read. It’s well worth it.

Read the original article here.

We should be using every tool at our disposal to figure out how to live sustainably, and if AI can help us with that, all the better.

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