About a year ago, when Russia invaded Ukraine, the images of the war were all over the news. The blown out buildings were bad, but the human suffering caused by attack was far worse. Looking for some way to help, a few of my musical friends and I decided to record “Fragile” by Sting. We tried to use it as a way of drawing attention to the humanitarian problems and encouraging people to donate to aid organizations.

More than 12 months later, the war continues, but the images of human suffering aren’t getting as much screen time. That doesn’t mean there isn’t suffering. I’m sure Ukraine is still in need of help.

So, today I’m reposting the video we put together with images from the news last year, paired with our recording of Fragile. It’s a reminder not only that the war continues, but also that life itself is still Fragile (chemical spills, climate change, nuclear tension, etc, personal health issues, car accidents, etc…), and that we need to care for each other.

Fragile is available at www.toddfulginiti.com for a donation of your choice, which will be sent to Global Giving, earmarked for Ukraine. Fragile can also be streamed on all major platforms.

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