Jurassic Park is fantasy movie, right? Well, maybe not as much as we might think. Scientists aren’t looking to bring back the dinosaurs right now but they are considering whether or not to bring another large creature back from the depths of extinction; the woolly mammoth.

According to an NPR report from September of 2021, a private company named Colossal is working on gene editing techniques that, they say, enables them to set a goal of reintroducing woolly mammoth sometime this decade. In theory, these mammoths would be released in the Arctic tundra.

The science is amazing and incredible, but brings with it the critical question: Should we do this?

Some theorize that reintroducing the mammoth would be good for the environment and may even help fight climate change. Others disagree. Nobody really knows. Colossal says they are “working towards bringing back species who left an ecological void as they went extinct.” But the risks and benefits are difficult to assess.

Take a look at the original NPR article for the full story. It’s worth a read even though this was first reported a few years ago.

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