American culture is totally focused on the now. We don’t pay much attention to the effect of our actions on the future. Obviously, this is problematic, especially when it comes to living in harmony with the environment. America’s indigenous cultures don’t share the flawed philosophy of now, instead favoring what is known as The 7th Generation Principle.

Andrew, one of my writing colleagues at Wise & Shine, recently penned a very interesting and informative article on this principle and other indigenous lessons. It’s worth reading, and can be found below:


What would the world look like if we followed the 7th Generation Principle? Would we live our daily lives differently? What changes can we make right now to improve the future for those that will come after us?

For more of Andrew’s writing, visit Wise & Shine. This article is part of a series called RebEarth, featured at Five O’Clock Shadow, my magazine style blog.