If you’re new to the Old Man Rant, here’s how it goes.  Once I turned 50, I started venting my frustration at the irritations of life.  It felt good, so I kept doing it.  I call these periodic and hopefully amusing verbal tantrums Old Man Rants. Let’s get to it:

Today’s Topic: Being Too Eager For Spring

Weather fluctuates. We all know this. You can get some fairly warm days sometimes even in late winter.

In my area, a few stupid flies come out and zip around the first day it hits 60Β°. And then, for the next few days, school-age boys in my neighborhood break out the shorts and T-shirts as if spring has sprung even though cold weather has returned.

The fly probably dies from his stupidity. The kids just look ridiculous as they shiver their way to and from school wearing a half pair of pants.

Ah- I feel better now! Time to go chase some kids off my lawn.

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