There it was! The bright orange street hockey puck- right on my stick. I was at center court with nobody standing between me and the goalie.

A breakaway!

I wasn’t a very good puck handler, and as a defenseman, didn’t have much experience with scoring opportunities like this. But I glued my gaze to the blade of my stick, determined not to loose the puck, and ran as fast as I could toward the goalie.

I was going to score.

What happened next surprised everybody on both teams.

More importantly, it became a reminder to me about how to act in life.

This happened when I was about 14 years old, but I still think of it often today, at age 53.

This week my post at Wise & Shine recounts this day on the street hockey court and examines what I learned from the whole experience. If my vagueness is frustrating, I hope you’ll cure it by reading the full article at Wise & Shine.

READ THE FULL POST HERE: “My Sin Bin Tailspin: Lessons From Hockey”

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