The sports cliches are flying around faster than usual this week- we’re days away from the Super Bowl! You could make drinking games out of any number of tired old sports saying, you’ll hear them all this week from athletes, coaches, broadcasters, fans and others.

But there is one phrase I’m taking seriously- playing for each other.

I thought it was just another tired, old phrase until I heard the concept explained in a little more detail. I’ll admit- it’s actually beautiful.

My post this week at Wise & Shine Magazine is all about playing for each other, both in football and in life. That probably sounds as lame as the stuff they say on sports shows, but give me a chance. It’s a short piece and only takes a few minutes to read.

Read the article here- Playing For Each Other: A Football Cliche Goes Deep

Sometimes people say the same thing over and over again for a reason. In this case, the reason might be because there is actual value on understanding the concept of playing for each other.

Thanks for reading and GO EAGLES!

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