You’re probably familiar with the phrase “carbon footprint”, where we figure out how much carbon pollution is caused by our actions and habits. When the same concept is applied to our use of plastics, we can figure out our “plastic footprint”. Reducing our plastic use also reduces our overall carbon footprint, and often times is easier to do than tackling carbon (although we should still do that!).

We may not even realize how much plastic we’re using and how we can reduce it. That’s where My Little Plastic Footprint comes in. This free app helps us to identify where our plastic use is; around the house, personal products, etc. Most find that the kitchen and the bathroom are the most plastic heavy rooms of the house.

It then suggests alternatives to the plastics we’re using and explains briefly why those products are better. The app is not preachy or guilt-inducing. It’s user friendly, easy to navigate and designed with pleasant colors that help inspire a sense of hope and progress.

Visit My Little Plastic Footprint HERE

When you first download the app, you’ll take a guided inventory of your plastic use and the app will generate a baseline score. Then it helps you to improve from there. I’ve used My Little Plastic Footprint to improve my plastic score and haven’t missed any of the things I replaced.

So go ahead and check out the website, and download the app free from wherever you get apps. It’s easy to use, and it feels good to not only be aware of our impact on the environment, but to live as sustainably as we can.

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