Unwrapping presents is fun, but then you have a pile of wrapping paper to deal with. Do you reuse it? Good luck with that. Recycle? Maybe. It seems like part of the fun of the holidays comes with the downside of creating unnecessary waste.

Photo by Amy T on Pexels.com

Can we do anything about this? Yes!

This week my writing colleague at Wise & Shine Magazine, who goes by the name crisbiecoach, penned a very useful piece called Zero Waste Winter Holidays. It helps us make good decisions about how to lessen our waste load while still enjoying the best of the winter holidays.

It’s a short and interesting read, so I hope you’ll consider checking it out.


And while you’re there, notice the ad for my latest musical/fundraising project- Snowfall. This is a new single I recorded and released with my 2 daughters and future son-in-law, with all proceeds going to support the homeless in my home city of Lancaster, PA. See link in ad for full details.

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