Every time I pick up the plastic shampoo bottle to wash my hair, I feel a wave of “single-use plastic guilt”,wishing there was a way I could eliminate that bottle and use something plastic free. I guess I’m behind the times on this discovery, but I recently found that there is a better alternative. Shampoo bars.

My wife brought one home from a local craft fair and I was immediately much more excited about washing my hair than a normal person should be. I then found out that these bars are available in many places and are pretty easy to get.

It’s basically a bar of soap for your hair. No plastic bottle!

The item shown here is from The Earthling Co. Here’s a link to their shampoo bars.

I think the bathroom is one of the toughest places in the house to eliminate plastic, but we need to find a way to make it happen. Hopefully a single-use plastic ban is on the way in the United States (other countries have done this already), but we can’t wait for that.

These bars are a good reason to get excited about shampoo, even for a guy with a buzz cut and deeply receded hairline like me.

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