Some places are like electrical outlets- all you have to do is plug in and get the juice. I call them human recharge and maintenance stations.

Rehoboth Beach is like that for me.

Going there is like running disk maintenance on your computer- things might be working ok but just that little bit of extra clean-up makes a huge difference and lets things run so much better.

When I’ve worked too much, gotten stressed out, been consumed with projects, forgot to just be, need to think through a deep situation, etc- a day or two at Rehoboth Beach always does me good. Any season will do.

I recently spent a few days there. I took the trip alone. Sometimes it needs to be that way. Often it’s actually better that way.

For two days I walked the beach, read in the sun (bundled up against the wind and 50 degree temps), and watch several hours of pointless TV in the hotel room.

It was like a massage for the consciousness.

I hope you too have a place that serves as your charging station. If not, find one! Use it. Go there when you need it, or even before you need it.

Don’t worry about spending the money or the time. Look at it as medicinal- because it is.

Do you have a charging and maintenance station, activity or routine? What/where is it?

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