Every year, millions of animals and birds are killed by cars as we zip down the highways and back-roads of the country.  Sadly, the best chance for many of us to see deer, foxes, raccoons, groundhogs and other animals is as roadkill.  

It’s a sickening site and all too common.

Despite consciously guarding against, I hit a fox a few years ago.  That story is here. The experience inspired me to become even more aware as a driver and to never repeat that horrible experience.  

Since that time, it seems like roadside animal deaths are only increasing, and quickly.

The loss of life, the waste of the animal as a resource, the injuries to people, vehicle damages; nothing good comes from us continuing to leave this problem unaddressed.

But it happens so often that I wonder if we care about it any more.  Do we even notice? Have we just accepted the carnage as a necessary evil to our way of life?

I hope not.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  We can reduce animal deaths on the roadways by forming a few habits and increasing our awareness of the situation.  

Here are three easy things we can all do to reduce roadkill and improve roadway safety both for ourselves and the wildlife that lives among us.

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Awareness alone won’t solve our problems or prevent all future roadkills like the one I experienced. But it will help, and it’s a really easy place to start. As we drive around each day, let’s be aware of who we’re sharing the roadways with, be alert to their impulses, and respectful of their right to coexist.

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