Fall is a tough time of year for animals where I live, in south-central Pennsylvania. This is especially true for love-struck deer that often do crazy things in pursuit of a mate. As disgusting as roadkill is throughout the calendar, it gets even worse during these autumn months.

Despite trying my best to avoid it, I became part of the problem a few years ago when I killed a fox on the way home from a family trip. I wrote a piece about the terrible experience, and re-posted it today on Wise & Shine Magazine, along with a new flyer I created to help us reduce roadkill by improving our animal awareness while driving.

The flyer is the subject of a recent RebEarth post, which you can find here.

The flyer is below:

Feel free to share and post as you wish. The recommendations are simple and although they won’t end roadkill, they will help. Once I started paying more attention to the full scope of the roadways, I was surprised how many animals I see lurking nearby, especially at night.

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