Hey! It’s been awhile. I hope you’ve been doing well since our last post back in the spring. We will be returning with regular posts in the next month or so- but I want to break the silence now to let you know what my family and I have been up to this holiday season.

My daughters, son-in-law and I put our musical skills together and recorded our version of Let It Snow. We offer it to you and hope that in exchange, you’ll leave us a donation, which we will then give to The Nature Conservancy’s “Plant A Billion Trees” campaign. Reforestation is a global problem and this is our way of trying to help solve it. You could say we’re like a Holiday Lorax family that sings for the trees.

The best way to help is to visit my music website at www.toddfulginiti.com. Right there on the homepage you’ll find Let It Snow, with a link to purchase/download the song for a donation of your choice. That money will be sent to The Nature Conservancy. You’ll have the song in your possession to put on any device you wish.

For those who prefer to stream their music, you can still help by donating either at the website or at our Facebook fundraiser page. Streaming services pay artists only a fraction of a penny per stream, and since my family is not quite as popular as Bruno Mars, Adele or Taylor Swift, streaming alone isn’t going to help us get many trees planted.

This is the fourth year that our Fulginiti Family Band has released a holiday fund-raising single. Previous releases can be found here. In the past, we’ve raised money for Meals On Wheels, Music For Everyone, and My People On The Streets.

Fulginiti Family Band consists of Bailey Fulginiti, Ally Fulginiti, Tom Herr, myself, and this year’s special guest- Faith Shiffer on clarinet.

I hope you’ll give our music a listen and throw a few bucks into the offering plate for The Nature Conservancy’s tree planting efforts.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!