Seinfeld fans may remember the episode where Kramer ends up hosting a show from his apartment, using the set from the old Merv Griffin Show.  After several “episodes” and mishaps, he yanks the plug on the set lights, telling his sidekick Newman, “We need to retool.”

Sadly I couldn’t find that exact clip on Youtube, but I can relate to Kramer’s sentiment.  He had high hopes for something that just wasn’t materializing.  So, in an unusual moment of wisdom, he temporarily shut things down until he figured out a better way.  Since it’s Kramer we’re talking about though, I don’t actually think he found a better way before the episode ended, but you wouldn’t have expected otherwise.

When the Covid lockdown happened last March, I used my new found free-time to work on a new project, which was starting this Five O’Clock Shadow blog.  I had previously only written monthly columns for local newspapers, but wanted to challenge myself by publishing a new piece every week.  It’s been over a year now and, in a surprise to nobody that actually knows me, I have not run out of things to say or write about.

But, as a rookie blogger, I have realized that the technical and business aspects of getting a blog going take time and patience to learn, and even more time to grow and develop.  I’m more of a creative type so I didn’t really give those technical areas the effort they need and deserve.

As a result, although fun to create, my blog needs some TLC in the technical and business areas.  So, in order to learn more about that, I’m temporarily pulling the plug on Five O’Clock Shadow.  I won’t be writing any new posts until I have a better handle on how to structure and promote the business end of it, hopefully resulting in greater web-traffic and more readers when I return to writing (probably mid-summer).

Best wishes to all of you and many thanks for your readership and support.  “Blog school” here I come!

And as Kramer might say, “Giddy-yap!”