Many moons ago (about 25 years to be inexact), I played with a funk band called Rupa Dupa. Recently, I visited with band leader/bassist/singer Mike Smith and we of course, got to reminiscing about the Dupa days. I hadn’t seem Mike in many years so it was good to catch up and relive some stuff.

That visit inspired the sharing of one of my favorite Rupa Dupa tunes, written by Mike- shared below. It’s called My Ex.

Rupa Dupa was pretty popular in my home city and in the surrounding area back in the early-mid 1990’s. The stories of what happened (and should have but didn’t happen) to this band are nearly endless. I won’t bore you with those- but do take 3 minutes if you can to see what we were up to back then.

We were a great live band, but this recording was slapped together in less than 24 hours, and recorded live in a home studio on a very hot summer day/night. Sorry- I’m telling stories already…..

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