I don’t fish, actually. But the phrase works anyway. I’ve “gone fishing” as in “I’ll be out of the office” or “sorry- we’re closed”.

I’ll stop trying to be clever and just say it plainly: I won’t be writing or posting on this blog for awhile.

How long? I don’t know.

Why? There’s a longer answer, but the short version is- I’m running out of things to say and the energy to try saying them in an interesting way.

So I’m sick of writing then? Yeah- I think so.

This has happened to me before. I took about 8 months off that time.

Too many projects (writing, musical and otherwise) have tied me too much to the computer and to other deadlines and tasks. I don’t feel like I’m free enough to live life in a way that will provide experiences that might someday end up as the meaning in a blog post, or the inspiration for new music.

I guess you could say I over scheduled myself.

So I’m making some adjustments.

Other than a few previously scheduled music posts, this blog space will be dry until I actually have something to write about. No more forcing the issue or trying to post “X” number of times per month just because.

You’ll still be able to find me at www.wiseandshinezine.com, posting each Friday. Some of those may be reposts of things you’ve read here at Five O’Clock Shadow, but that’s the only posting schedule I’m going to stay consistent with.

In the meantime- many thanks to those who read my posts and stories. I appreciate you very much.

See you later- maybe.