Every once in a while, our ill advised behavior actually pays good dividends. I had one of those experiences about 36 years ago this spring. I was in high school at the time and probably didn’t deserve my good fortune. I took it anyway.

I inadvertently learned a lesson in work/life balance back then, by not completing a project I was supposed to finish. I’m not saying there were no consequences for my delinquency, there were; but the long term positives far out weighed the negatives. And they still do.

As you can probably guess by the somewhat cryptic and rambling nature of this post, I’m trying entice you to slide on over to Wise & Shine and read my piece for this week- called Lord Jim.

Yep- that Lord Jim. The novel by Joseph Conrad. I promise that reading my blog piece will take far less time and be much less mentally taxing than reading Conrad’s novel.

If you’re willing to indulge me, here’s the Wise & Shine link to Lord Jim, my version.

Read Lord Jim at Wise & Shine

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