The Five O’Clock Shadow music tab has sat mostly unused for the majority of the time I’ve been blogging. As a musician, that always felt a little weird, but I couldn’t figure out what types of musical things to post about that wouldn’t otherwise be covered by my occasional posts on my music website blog. But it seems like I was overthinking things a bit, as I often do.

So… right here- right now- I’m kicking off a new age of activity in the Five O’Clock Shadow Music category. Each Thursday (maybe I should say most Thursdays) I’ll be sharing a link to some piece of music I like and encouraging you to give it a listen. Sometimes the music will be my own, sometimes it will have a connection to my native Lancaster County PA (which has a great music and arts scene), and sometimes it will just be some random tune that I find amusing.

Comments are greatly appreciated, maybe you can share something you like with me and we can both expand our musical horizons. Most of the posts will be very brief unless there’s an important backstory that I’m aware of.

Let’s get things started with a shameless, self promotional plug::

The Cat’s Pajamas Old School Jazz Band: That’s The Cats!

This is a traditional jazz/dixieland group I currently lead in the Lancaster, PA region. Most of the tunes we play are older, as you might expect, but we also like to freshen things up with newer pop tunes which we retro-fit into the vintage, 1920’s/traditional jazz style. We recorded this album about a year before Covid hit and were lining up a bunch of nice gigs. When the world shut down several months later, we weren’t able to recover the momentum we had going for us. But- we’re still playing when we get asked and we still have this fine album.

Take a listen:

Cover art was hand drawn by our clarinet players dad, and we think it fits the group personality. Personnel is Todd Fulginiti (trumpet, vocals, wooden spoons), Faith Shiffer (clarinet), Mark Rutter (trombone, vocals), Chuck Oettel (guitar & banjo), Mike Vitale (bass) and Doug Kulp (drums).

CD’s and downloads are available here.

Streamable on all major platforms.

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