I was up too late one night trying to brainstorm ways to improve my fledgling career as a writer when I noticed that one of my favorite blog sites had an open call posted for guest bloggers. On a whim, I sent them some of my stuff and a request to be considered for a guest post.

But, instead of inviting me on as a guest writer, they asked me to be a regular, weekly contributor! I was pumped!

Since then, this collective of writers from around the world has been working to build something new and better and I’m very happy to be part of it.

What we have is an online magazine called Wise & Shine. The writing is excellent and covers many topics and styles.

New material is added daily. I post a new piece there each Friday. We’ve just begun podcasting and have other projects in the works too.

Please take a look at Wise & Shine, and consider supporting me and the other writers there by subscribing to us. We already have about 30,000 followers and hope to keep growing.

Five O’Clock Shadow is still alive as my personal blog and I hope you’ll continue supporting it, but Wise & Shine offers more content by more people, so hopefully you have room in your life for both!

A lot of good has come from that random late- night email I sent, and there’s more on the way. I hope you’ll follow me down the path at Wise & Shine!