Call us old-school, but when raising our kids, my wife and I strongly believed in having dinner every night as a family, at the dining room table.  It was a routine and important part of our daily schedule.  The nutrients came not just from the food but also from the time we spent together, sharing our lives.

After following the conversation wherever it went, dinner time usually ended with this question:

What was the best part of your day? 

We’d go around the table.  Each of us had to answer.

It was a simple but important question that pushed each of us to focus on something positive, and to show gratitude.  It made great days greater, and salvaged goodness from the wreckage of the tough ones.  We drew encouragement both from our answers and from those of others.

We didn’t set out to pose this question, and I’m not sure exactly how or when it started, but it quickly became a welcomed part of our dinner routine and we all benefited from it.

Now that our kids are grown, I often reflect on the best part of my day as I drive home from work or get settled into bed.  It has the same effect on me now as it did on us at the dinner table.  

Try it- either alone or with family or friends. Ask what was the best part of the day. See where the thought or conversation leads, and let the seeds of gratitude grow.

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