What would the world look like if we redesigned it in the best interests of both humans and animals; as if we were both equally important to the planet (as we are)?

Could we keep the good and useful parts while adding more trees and green spaces?

Could we drastically reduce roadkill and give animals better opportunities to move safely within their range?

Would there be buffalo on the American plains again?

Could we lessen humanity’s impact on land use? How?

How much would this redo cost?  Can we afford not to do it?

Many people much smarter than I have thought this concept through. Below are a few of my favorite ideas from the world I hope we are growing towards.

Animal bridges like these keep both animals and humans more safe.

Animal Bridges:

Roadkill is such a big problem. I’m so tired of seeing dead animals along the roadway that I could puke. Along with effective roadside fencing, these animal bridges would save countless creatures from getting hit, and would give them a safe way to roam the land.

Coastal Parks:

An undeveloped Assateague Island, MD.

Everybody loves the shore- human and animal. The problem is that when we build vacation homes in the nearby wetlands, the animals that depend on the marsh have nowhere to go. Coastal beach and wetland parks like this one at Assateague Island MD should be expanded and preserved. Humans have far too many beach towns to visit as it is- let’s leave the rest undeveloped.


Draft sketch of how Nottingham could re-wild its failing shopping mall area.

Humans tend to outgrow places eventually, including this strip mall shopping center in Nottingham, UK. But, rather than let it sit idle, the city decided to remake the space into an urban park and wildlife habitat that connects directly to the nearby Sherwood Forest. So far both humans and animals seem happy with the arrangement.

What design changes would you like to see that would  enable us to live more in harmony with our animal  earth-mates?

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