Dear Five O’Clock Shadow Followers,

Thanks very much for following, reading and supporting my blog. I appreciate you!

Now for the bad news: while you’re sleeping tonight, I’ll be attempting to make some changes on the site, including the re-instating of about 20 past articles that had been removed from the blog several weeks ago. As an amateur user of my WordPress tools- I think my actions are going to result in each of these re-instated posts being sent to you via email. There’s probably a way around this, but I can’t figure out what is.

So tomorrow morning, when you awake to find your email inbox stuffed with posts you’ve already read long ago (or decided not to read long ago), at least you’ll know why/who’s responsible. Just delete as quickly possible, move on with your day, and let’s just forget this little incident ever happened.

A new post will appear as usual this Sunday.

Sorry for this impending avalanche of blog posts-please don’t make one of those little dolls in my likeness and reach for the pin cushion!

Thanks again for your support (and hopefully tolerance!)