Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what you can do to help, especially when the problems are big and out of our control.  Watching the news from Ukraine these past few weeks, the question of “how do I help” keeps resurfacing, but the answers don’t come any easier. 

How can I respond? 

Recently, a few musician friends and I decided to respond in the way that’s most natural for us- making music.  We recorded a cover of Fragile, by Sting.  

My cover of Fragile, featuring Dave Sheaffer (guitar, bass), Dave Winter (keyboards) and Dave Santana (percussion) with vocals and flugelhorn by me and art by Sharon Cummings.

The words always seem appropriate, but they ring true even more as we watch Ukrainian suffering on TV.  We hope the music will serve as a reminder of what’s going on, and will inspire listeners to donate what they can to humanitarian aid efforts.

For images of the situation set to the music, see this video.

Here are a few aid organizations that are currently working in Ukraine.

Global Giving 
Doctors Without Borders 
The Red Cross Save The Children 
World Central Kitchen 

Fragile is available on all major streaming platforms.  Or you can download it for a donation at  Any funds received via my website will be given to Global Giving

We aren’t as powerless as we may feel, especially if we work together.  Let’s use whatever skills we have to do what we can to help end the suffering.

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