Call me uncultured, but Dr. Suess is really the only poet I like- he’s great! Amanda Gorman is good too. But other than that, poetry just isn’t my jam. However this weekend marks a special occasion- the 1rst Anniversary of the Covid-19 Shutdown of 2020.

So, to commemorate the occasion, I decided to do something special- write a poem. I’m not saying the poem itself is special, in fact I’m sure it’s not. But, it might be mildly amusing, and it’s not too long- so here it is- an ode to the clothes of Covid.

I Do Not Get Dressed!

I have a full closet of rather nice clothes,
But nobody sees them, so nobody knows.

The pieces just hang there behind a closed door.
Occasions to use them are quite rare, for sure.

The trouble sprung up back in March 2020,
When times were care free and events were aplenty. 

A new virus leapt from a bat to a man
And achieved a right scary prefix – pan.

Many were frightened, their anxiety soared.
Others saw the whole thing as fake and were bored.

Officials intended to not make things worse,
To keep us all healthy and out of the hearse.

So without really knowing how bad things could get,
They considered their options and placed a big bet

That shutting things down for many a week
Would make all our lives more healthy, less bleak.

So businesses closed, schools went online,
Folks worked from home and stayed there to dine.

And with theaters darkened and sports put on ice,
The world became bland- like a bowl of white rice.

All of the sudden the clothes I’d been wearing
Were useless, unpractical, and a red-herring.

They symbolized offices and nights spent out dancing,
Not chillin’ at home, watching Netflix, sweatpants-ing.

And so this went on for quite a long time.
The days of vogue had stopped on a dime. 

T-shirts, leggings, spandex and hoodies…
These are what now I call high-fashion goodies!

Style’s unimportant. It’s replaced with the task
Of properly wearing a simple, cloth mask. 

While the clothes in my closet continue to stew,
I dress just for comfort, whatever I do.

And now that the world has begun its reopen, 
Dressing down stays! At least that’s what I’m hopin’!

Even though there’s an upside to looking your best,
Thanks to you Covid-  I do not get dressed!

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