After years of saying, “I’d like to start a blog”, I actually did it this year. Back in April, mostly thanks to the downtime caused by the Covid shutdown, I finally joined WordPress and started trying to write something on a weekly basis. Prior to that I was just writing occasional pieces for my music website, and had also been a columnist for my small, hometown newspaper for a year.

I started writing Five O’Clock Shadow not really sure of what form it was going to take or if anybody would even read it. To all of you who did actually read it- thank you very much!!

Looking back on my rookie year, I thought it would be interesting to see which posts were the most popular. If you missed them or would like to share or reread them- here they are:


The story of why, for years, I had 2 naked Barbie dolls on the stool beside my bed. My intentions were pure- I was trying to solve a problem for my daughter, but ended up coming to grips with an important fact of parenting instead. Read it here.


I live in an old house that, if it could talk, would definitely have some interesting stories to tell about the times it’s been through and how people reacted to them. I wonder what my walls would think of our current situation and what it will say about us years from now. Read it here.

#3. 38TH & CHICAGO

While passing through Minneapolis, I stopped at the place where George Floyd was murdered, now known as George Floyd Square. These are my thoughts as I walked around the area. Read it here.

#4. Old Man Rant #3 Corona Edition

Old Man Rants is where I voice my irritation over life’s minor inconveniences, but in this Corona edition, I get sick of people not wearing masks, or wearing them incorrectly. Come on people! Keep in mind, the pandemic was young when I wrote and posted this and it may not reflect my current thoughts. Read it here.

#5. What- Me Worry? Yep.

Of course we all want to be grateful for the lives and good situations we have, but we don’t need to feel guilty about what stresses us out, even if it’s trivial in the big picture. Read it here.

As I’ve said, I’m still finding my way with blog writing, trying out different departments and features, and also looking into the possibility of expanding into something involving more writers and more of a real magazine feel. If you enjoy reading these posts, please consider sharing them with friends and subscribing to the blog– the more the merrier!

I’m taking a few weeks off for the holidays but will be back in early January.

Thanks again for your readership and support this year- Merry Christmas!

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