We’re a family of musicians. Our house was usually noisy when my daughters were growing up (mostly my fault), and we had fun making up songs and messing around with various instruments. When the girls got into high school, we started to occasionally try something more organized, and made cell phone recordings of a song or two. But in 2018 we got serious and began recording annual holiday singles, using them as fundraisers for charities or causes we believe in.

Today, the Fulginiti Family Band is proud to share our 3rd annual holiday single with you, Wexford Carol.  It’s a beautiful Irish melody, sung by my daughters Bailey & Ally, and set against a backdrop of handbells, flugelhorns and bass, played by myself and Bailey’s boyfriend Tom Herr. Listen below:

Wexford Carol by Fulginiti Family Band
Fundraiser for “My People On The Streets”
Download/donate at http://www.toddfulginiti.com

We’re giving the track away for free. But we’re also hoping to do some good in the community by asking for donations.  The money will go to a special, grass-roots operation in our hometown of Lancaster, PA called “My People On The Streets“. The program is administered by our friend and fellow musician, Dave Costarella. To download or donate, click here.

Dave is the real-life angel who collects and distributes food, clothing and other essentials to those living on the streets of Lancaster.  Dave goes out several nights per week from fall through winter, and has a huge impact on the well-being of those in our community that have fallen on hard times.  Dave has also created an outstanding booklet aimed at helping communities and municipalities to better understand the needs of the homeless.  

Dave’s living room is filled with clothing to distribute and his kitchen is where he prepares the meals he hands out.  It’s a beautiful act of love, but it comes with expenses.  Donations from our Wexford Carol release will go to helping Dave get what he needs to continue the work of caring for those on the streets. 

We tend to think that homelessness is a far away problem that could never happen to us, but that’s not really true.  It’s closer than we might realize.  It may only take one or two big setbacks to put us in that position ourselves.

For more on “My People On The Streets”, see Costarella’s webpage at: http://www.dcandco.net/streetproject.htm 

To download Wexford Carol and/or make a donation, go to www.toddfulginiti.com. The Wexford Carol link is right there on the home page.

In the past, our family band holiday singles have raised money for Meals On Wheels, and Music For Everyone. Those tracks are still available for donation here. You can also listen at the links below.

Blue Christmas by Fulginiti Family Band; 2019 Fundraiser for Meals On Wheels
Jingle Bells by Fulginiti Family Band; 2018 Fundraiser for Music For Everyone

Time moves quickly. The kids are grown now, but we still enjoy making music together- all the better if we can help improve our community.

We hope you’ll enjoy our efforts, share the music with your friends, and encourage them to donate, either to our cause or to something else they believe in.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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